Parallel Education & Employment Program [PEEP]

SSTPL Private Ltd., introduces an out-of-the-box Parallel Education & Employment Program [PEEP] on a PPP Model

  • Introduce a Win-Win Collaborative model to leverage the strength of industry experts in education
  • Introduce the whole learning contents through our state-of-the-art digital education platform KODE™.  model of implementation leveraging technology and for self learning mode at convenience to maximize the students learning
  • Practical and experiential learning through industry applications
  • Make the student job ready and employable

The PEEP Program is a skilling program for every individual seeking an employment . Our skilling program is designed an objective of increasing the employment opportunities by suitably building up the skills that are expected by the prospective employers. Hands on training coupled with theoretical knowledge is provided to all participants of PEEP which bridges the scope of employment recruitment effort towards a workforce that is in sync with the growing industry needs.

Approach to PEEP:

Enhancing Employability Quotient is the key word with our PEEP Program.

  • To help the students recognize their potential, realize where each of their strengths lies and get them prepared for the employment.
  • To instil a sense of positivity in all students and help them to be more aware of themselves.
  • ‘Enhances Employability Quotient’ and hone their skill sets and prepare for a successful and fulfilling future.
  • Apprenticeship Fee: Through this paid Apprenticeship plans, Participants will be offered various internship plans in several industry verticals, that matches with the participant skills. Upon the successful completion, the participants will be ready with the required skill set for employment and shall be placed. The Apprenticeship of Rs. 7,000/- (Rs. Seven Thousand only) paid upon placements only. Register

B.A (Bachelor of Arts)

  • Retail Sales Associate
  • Telecom Instore Promoter
  • Field Sales Executive
  • Business Correspondent Business Facilitator
  • Mobile Handset Repair

B.Sc/BCA-CS related branches

  • Field Technician Computing and Peripherals
  • Field Technician Networking & Storage
  • Network Engineer

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

  • Business Correspondent Business Facilitator
  • Accounts Executive – Payables and Receivables
  • Mutual Fund Agent
  • Loan Processing Officer


  • Hospitality
  • House Keeping
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Digitization
  • Tutors/Instructures
  • Teaching Faculty
  • Interior Design & General Support
  • Salesmen
  • Sales Girls
  • Dispatch Section
  • Collection Assistant
  • Web Designer
  • IT Tester
  • Export & Import
  • Garment Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Craftsmen
  • IT Networking
  • Hardware Service
  • Database Administration
  • Agriculture Support
  • Sculpture
  • Courier
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical Services
  • Home Services
  • Centre Sales
  • Accounts Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Quality Controller
  • Billing & Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Security
  • Information Management
  • Accounts
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Banking
  • Civil Engineering
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Front Office Executive
  • Quality Controller
  • Office Assistant
  • Tour Guide