Tamil Nadu Open University Certified Skill Training Program for Schools

These unique programmes are meticulously designed that will lead to securing University Certificates at their school level!.

The main objective of Programme is to :

  • Promote linkage between Industry & Institution
  • Innovate & offer latest educational programme
  • Integrated work environment – where students, faculties work together along with industry experts
  • Inculcate skills to students for international competence
  • Encourage creativity, innovation, entrepreneurial skills at their younger age
  • No Limitation on number of students admission for each certificate course.

Purpose of the Programme:

  • To offer the latest technologies to the young minds of India
  • To make the school student sound enough in boosting their knowledge through University certification
  • To bridge the gap between the industry expectation & academicians offer
  • To make the school as flexible skill based training centers.

Benefit to the School:

  • Excellent opportunity to interact with knowledge experts from University and the Industry
  • Opportunity for any technical tie-up in the Information Technology

Benefits to the Students:

  • Every school student can become the students of the University simultaneously
  • Get a strong foundation to become an IT Professional
  • Opportunity to obtain University certificate while in school.
  • Motivates younger minds to become a successful professional

Please find below the table showing the details of various programme for school students:

Sl NoSkill Development ProgrammeDurationFee Rs. / StudentGST @18%Total *Enrollment Link
1Certificate in Basic Computer40 hrs. in 3 months30054354Register / Login
2Certificate in Office Automation40 hrs. in 3 months35063413Register / Login
3Certificate in Programming Techniques40 hrs. in 3 months35063413 Register / Login
4Certificate in Multimedia Systems40 hrs. in 3 months35063413Register / Login
5Certificate in Communication and Skill Development40 hrs. in 3 months37568443 Register / Login
6Certificate in Computer Applications 40 hrs. in 3 months37568443 Register / Login
* Kindly note all banking transaction fee as charged by the respective banks have be borne by the students only.
*Transaction fee charges would not be refunded/ reversed under any circumstances for any refund/ reversal /chargeback .